Need a Way to Increase Your Child's Success in Life?

Tips to help kids Aim High!

AIM HIGH! Tips can help. These life-enhancing 101 Tips plant the seeds of future life and academic success in children, particularly tweens and teens, and provide a strong foundation of core values for healthy, happy lives. The Tips are solution-oriented and can be useful in helping your children set goals for success in school and life.

Tip 1 ~ Think!

The Tips encompass 101 of life's concerns including courage, think, respect, attitude, manners, empathy, creativity, compromise, and happiness.

Tip 87 ~ Problems

The Tips address problems, mistakes, anger, failure, not smoking, and avoiding drugs. Best of all, these life-enhancing Tips are completely free.

Listen to or read the teen Tips now. Or download the Tips as a handy printable pdf, a 2-Minute MP3, or a bright and fun app for iPads and iPhones.

The Tips are short, easy to remember, and sticky with repetition. Another great benefit of the Tips is that children and teens can read or listen to the Tips that spark their interest. It is likely that some of the Tips echo the very same teachings that you have been working to instill in your children. A ninth-grade boy commented that, "It sounds like what a lot of parents are saying. but to see it in print, it kinda makes it real world."

Want to Improve Teen and Parent Relationships?

Teen and parent relationships can benefit from the Tips. Oftentimes it's very helpful for older children and teens to hear the counsel and guidance of parents repeated by outside influences. Many of these 101 Tips can increase the potential for successful relationships between teens and parents by opening the door to communication.

Is Peer Pressure a Problem for Your Child?

Peer pressure so often plays a major role in determining what path a child takes. These Tips can play a role in empowering tweens and teens with a strong sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. By reading and learning these Tips, kids can learn from them and not fall so easily into the peer-pressure trap. Nurturing a good sense of self will also prepare young students for junior high and high school academic success. "I liked all the Tips I read. They will help me to not give in to peer pressure," stated an eight-grade girl.

Is Your Child Being Bullied?

There are no easy answers to bullying. But AIM HIGH! Tips can help prevent bullying by helping to build strong, confident young lives. Many studies have been done and a variety of causes for bullying have been determined. One cause that studies like Live Science* have revealed is that bullies often have a negative view of themselves. No easy answers to bullying. Many of the Tips address the need for respect, the importance of courtesy, and the means for dealing with problems in ways that are socially acceptable. The Tips also provide brief insights into failure, responsibility, and forgiveness among many others. If the Tips are read or listened to at an early age, they may well offer a sound means of bully prevention.

Interested in Tips for Adults?

There is also a an adult version which can be life-changing if you haven't grown up with the teen Tips. Adults may find that these Tips for adults offer great job advice that can increase employment satisfaction and even help people obtain jobs.

Becoming familiar with these life-changing Tips for teens and adults can encourage all people to work toward their goals and help create a better world for all.


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